Raleigh International - The big picture...

The programmes that are delivered through Raleigh International operate in collaboration with communities, local organisations, NGOs and governments within the expedition countries. The work is carried out by young volunteers (17 to 25 years old) from around the world who can select expeditions of different durations (5, 7 and 10 week programmes) that include community and environmental projects, as well as an adventure challenge in each country. Volunteers over 25 years old can also elect to work on project sites, in local offices or at country field bases in leadership or support roles such as logistics, medical, project management, communications and interpreter positions.

Since the organisation was established as a charity in 1984, the community of Raleigh volunteers has reached 40,000 people. The head office is based in London, UK. There are staff permanently based in each of the expedition countries, and Raleigh societies have also been created in Bermuda, Hong Kong, China, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Uganda and now...New Zealand!


Raleigh NZ - The smaller but still very important picture...

The aim of Raleigh NZ is to encourage, assist, and promote the character and social development of young New Zealanders through working with global communities living in poverty.

There are 4 key challenges:



  1. The challenge to be selected 
  2. The challenge to fundraise
  3. The challenge of the expedition itself
  4. The challenge to make a difference on returning to NZ



What are our goals you ask? 

  • To actively promote and encourage NZ participation in Raleigh International’s global expeditions
  • To assist in participants fund raising campaigns where possible
  • To provide support for partial funding of participants travel expenses
  • To be recognised as an official member of the international Raleigh ‘family’
  • To challenge and inspire young New Zealanders to work with others in order to develop themselves while improving the world


show me the money!

As a charity we talk about fundraising rather than costs. We encourage everyone to do some fundraising for their expedition, and we know fundraising can be overwhelming but we are here to help you every step of the way. Don’t be daunted!

Expedition fundraising targets ($USD)

10 week Expedition: $5,000

7 week Expedition: $4,500

5 week Expedition: $3,600

4 week Expedition: $3,100

Everything is included except flights, visas, vaccinations and personal belongings.

You can do this!